We understand commercial properties tend to have more activity going on within them, and more often than not they are a lot bigger in size and needs more attention . Commercial properties have many more people that use them, both directly and indirectly. Direct users are those that work within them and indirect users are the customers that use the products/services of the commercial establishment. In essence, commercial properties cleaning takes a little bit more effort to detail as is a bigger area used frequently. We take pride in being able to cover all aspects and size of a commercial project. We overcome any problem with numbers, we send as many qualified staff as it takes to finish a job on time and stay on schedule all while working at the highest standard.



Tidy Tiffany & Co usually recommends and carries out a deep clean on the first visit of most commercial properties as this makes it easier for follow up cleans and maintenance. We believe that regular cleaning followed by monthly deep cleans keeps a commercial property in an ideal condition.


Tidy Tiffany Deep clean involves: Either twice as many staff or twice as many hours work to give each and every area of the property a thorough clean and detailing. We clean from top to bottom using steam cleaners and our eco friendly products to disinfect and clean every surface to remove all dirt, dust and bacteria from your business or personal property.


All general cleaning services listed in standard cleaning plus,

Inside and under oven and refrigerators,

Inside cabinets and drawers,

Skirting boards walls and both sides of all doors

Inside windows and window ledges as well as slider doors.

Ceilings, fans, and light fixtures

(In addition to the services listed above we can also do laundry, carpets, dishes etc.



Our deep clean also includes Carpet steaming and or Carpet Deep Clean.


We recommend a carpet Deep clean twice a year for a fresh new looking carpet removing all deep ground in dirt. Or carpet steaming four times a year as steam cleaning does not lift the dirt out of the carpet as the deep clean does so needs more treatments. Some commercial clients have one deep carpet clean a year and two steams which keeps a busy area looking clean and smelling fresh.



We charge between £12.50 to £15 an hour per staff depending on the length of the contract but can be more with add-ons and extras like outside window cleaning and cobweb removal from outside property. Depending on length on contract, size of property and if the work is for regular daily work ie.

bed & breakfast, hotels, guest houses, offices and whether clients provide their own equipment and products or prefer our Eco friendly products, our prices are tailored to your needs.



We cater to all office and commercial cleaning needs, we work in teams of two, to twelve staff depending on the number of rooms or space involved. Our office cleaning is handled with the same dedication as our other deep or standard cleans, however we are aware that a higher traffic area needs more detailing and a stronger clean at times with more staff. Aswell as using more window cleaning products and floor cleaners as there is more floor space that require our stronger products. We are equiped to undertake all tasks with the best staff leaving a perfect clean.



Tidy Tiffany & Co. is a qualified registered cleaning company you can trust.


Our staff are all qualified under the BCCA and clean commercial and domestic properties with as much care and detail as their training allows. We are qualified to undertake any cleaning task or job small or large. We are insured and covered for any eventuality and your piece of mind.





We approach bed and breakfast, hotel and guest house cleaning differently to office and community centre cleaning. We have a number of products that compliment each situation differently for example...our fresh fruit, pet odour and stain remover would not compliment an office as it would a home that has carpets and pets. Our lemon and lime degreaser with fruit polish would serve better. A restaurant or bed and breakfast serving food would rather not smell of bleach or any strong products that do not compliment the environment where people are consuming food and drink. We at Tidy Tiffany & Co. understand that chosing the correct cleaning product from our range of Eco-friendly products is essential.




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