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Domestic Cleaning


Our dependable quality domestic cleaning services for general domestic and commercial cleaning needs scheduled daily, weekly, every other week and monthly. Deep cleanings by request and on all move-in/move-out ten cleans as well as cleaning services for pre/post or during special events. Our services are for residential and commercial clients. We offer a prestige and professional service that caters to all your needs.









A standard clean would include: bathroom counter tops, cabinet fronts, sink, toilets, tubs and showers.

vacuum, sweep and mop all floors,

general organizing and clean up of entire home,

Make beds / Change Sheets,

Kitchen counters, stove top, inside microwave, appliance fronts, dining room tables,

dusting of all table tops and shelves as well as nick knacks, mirrors and ,cobwebs.




All General Cleaning Services listed in standard cleaning plus,

Inside and Under Oven and Refrigerators,

Inside Cabinets and Drawers,

Baseboards Walls and both sides of all Doors

Inside Windows and Window Ledges as well as Slider Doors.

Ceilings, Fans, and light Fixtures

(In addition to the Services listed above we can also do laundry, carpets, dishes or other needed services as well as add services from the Deep Cleaning to General Cleaning & Home-care services.


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